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Marble Surface


You are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience here on lovely planet Earth - make the most of it.

Marble Surface


I am here to further my own spiritual evolution, and to assist in the ascension process occurring on the planet.

I help the individual  through personal sessions, and live clearing events in my online community.

I help the collective by creating conscious content, such as the Let's Get Metaphysical podcast, through my company Up Up & Awaken Productions.

After a significant stint in academia (Tulane University '09, Fulbright Scholar '10, Columbia University '13), during which I had both feet firmly planted in the conventional, physical, Earthly realm, I gradually sought balance within the extraordinary, metaphysical, and Spiritual realms.


I continue to make the journey from head to heart by raising my consciousness without substances, blissfully surrendering to the Divine, and assisting others through their own awakening process with the help of my teachers, the Master Angels.  

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