Renata is on this planet to assist in the ascension process occurring on Earth at this time, and to further their own spiritual development. Ren does this for the collective by creating conscious content through their business Up Up & Awaken Productions and for the individual through personal sessions called 'Wake Up Calls'.

A Columbia University graduate and former Fulbright Scholar, Ren made the leap from research, academia and science into full-on energy medicine, massage school, and spiritual studies in under a year (2013 - 2014). Ren continues to make that journey from the head to the heart by allowing their soul into embodiment more and more, and assisting humans with their awakening process.

Part of this work includes assisting humanity in remembering that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and by facilitating the integration of Divine Balance within The Body & The Soul - The Above & The Below - The Physical & The Spiritual - The Feminine & The Masculine - The Earthly & The Universal. This vibration of Divine Remembrance and Divine Balance is brought into all content Ren creates including the Let's Get Metaphysical podcast, all Wake Up Calls, courses, retreats, conferences, etc. 


As an Awakening Agent, I serve as Divine alarm clock and cosmic reminder that we are ALL spiritual being having a human experience – not the other way around. I help with integration and Divine Balance through the awakening process as we all remember and wake up to Universal Truth. I facilitate this for individuals through personal remote sessions (Wake-Up Calls), and my in-person classes and retreats, and for the greater group consciousness through Up Up & Awaken Productions and the Up Up & Awaken community on Patreon.  



Some say laughter is the best medicine. I quite agree - and I attempt to bring it into everything I do as an awakening agent. One of my goals as a budding Spiritual Humorist is to cut through Earthly density with hilarious Universal truth bombs, and lighten the collective world-weight carried by my clients and communities through laughter and blissful remembering of why we chose to incarnate on this planet at this time. Use the contact sheet to book me for your high vibe event or next-level conference.



We are all co-creators of our realities. In my capacity as a conscious content creator, I founded Up Up & Awaken Productions which currently manifests as a channel on YouTube, and a supportive awakening community by the same name. Through Up Up & Awaken, I co-create various awakening tools and experiences with Source and other aligned beings to help individuals and the collective REMEMBER their Divine reasons for being on the planet at this time. This includes hosting and producing my podcast Let’s Get Metaphysical and developing other conscious content animations, healing videos, and courses to sustain and integrate your awakening experiences into your everyday reality.

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